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    Monty Hall, Bayes’ Law, and Sally Clark

    Most people are aware of the famous Monty Hall challenge. The set up involves three doors; two of which hide a goat each, the last door, however, hides a spanking new car that will be yours, should you be lucky enough to choose that door. The game begins with you making your best (random) guess, say door number one. The show host then proceeds to let you know that of the remaining two doors, the car is not behind door number two. You are then faced with the question, “Would you like to stick with door number one, or would you like to switch to door number three?”

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    Why Google’s Anti-Trust Case is Different Than Microsoft’s

    Full disclosure, I am a huge proponent of anti-trust legislation, and I firmly believe that it is not used enough, especially in the financial services sector where many institutions are literally ‘too big to fail’ (Frank-Dodd or not). While I actually believe Google to be innocent in this matter, I will be writing this article assuming that they have been rigging search results in favor of their advertisers. My will be that, while Google may seem monopolistic, there are several defining factors that should free them of this label.

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    Conversion Freakonomics

    I have recently had the opportunity to work closely with a client that wanted to add some life to their PPC campaign. Their primary concern was driving visitors to their website to search for a physician. This seemed like an easy enough goal, and so after optimizing certain keywords and reallocating budget, to strong performers, our PPC experts managed to bring the website’s PPC conversion rate from 12% to over 30% in less than 2 months.

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